There may be times where you are questioning yourself when it comes to your business and its success. You need to listen to what you want when it comes to your business and not compare on how others are doing with their business. Not everyone grows at the same rate and they don’t want to have the same growth as other people. That doesn’t mean that you can’t evolve and follow your passion and purpose with your business. Listen to those who care about you because they will be your biggest supporters when it comes to your business. If you don’t trust yourself then there is a chance that you are overthinking over the small things. Without trust there will be a lack of confidence when it comes time to take action and calling the shots for your business. Trust is very important when you have a business. Take a moment to self-reflect where you are currently and where you can be. Creating a vision board can be a reminder to you when you are feeling lost and unsure of what to do next. Building trust is something you can learn and you can do it! Unsure on how to start here are some ways you can start: 1. Listen to Meditations or Podcasts – It will help you be more aware and less reactive. Knowledge & Patience is Power! 2. Focus on How Far You’ve Already Come – Focus on the positive things that you’ve achieved so far. Focusing on the negative will cause you as a business owner to not trust yourself. 3. Stop Thinking so Much – Don’t overthink about the small stuff sometimes it’s good to just use your instincts or gut. If not – write things down and come back to it later with a clear mind. Overall, mistakes are fine when it comes to your business journey they help bring in learning experiences. It will help you not make the same mistake twice. Remember, everyone grows at their own pace so don’t compare your growth to theirs. Building trust will take time to develop over time but it will help tremendously when it comes to its growth for yourself and for your business.