When you think about website design the first thing you may think to do is create an over exaggerative design. However, that will be complicated when it comes time to navigate the website and cause frustration to the users when they need to find something. Here are a few things to make your website simple and usable. 1. Make it Mobile Friendly – Everyone carries their phone with them everywhere, it is more common that websites should be focused on being mobile friendly rather than having the website layout in a computer perspective. 2. No Dead Links – Having a dead link will cause the user who is on the website to be confused. It could also give the impression that the website is not being up to date or that you do not care about the company or customers. 3. Focus on What is Important – Limit the amount of distractions on your website or else the user will end up forgetting the reason on why they came to the website. 4. Pay Attention to the Website’s Navigation – If it is hard to navigate and the user cannot find what they are looking for then it is more likely that the user will leave the website. 5. Your Marketing Copy is Very Important – Copy is the same thing as text, caption or wording on any advertising. Some call it “ad copy.” This can really make or break your website. You have to have language that everyone will understand. If you are a video production company, imagine your tagline as “We help you create videos.” As opposed to “We help you skyrocket your marketing through our amazing film services.” One is clear. The other is confusing. This is not to say that you are unable to write that or anything along those lines, but just simplify and clarify your message OFTEN. Doing these things will help with your website design become simple and usable. Those who visit the site will have an easier time when it comes to exploring the website. Making your website more usable will take time depending on what you are trying to achieve with your website.