You have been working on your business for a few years now and you reached a point where you aren’t making anymore sales. You are just stuck and unsure why or how it happened. Don’t worry it isn’t your business. This happens to every business and it happens more than once. Being in a business plateau happens more often to businesses who are just starting up. Now you just need to figure out which direction you want to take to get out of it. You need to figure out where exactly in what area you hit plateau. Figuring out which area you aren’t doing the best in will help you figure out what things need to be done internally. There are three areas where you can see where your business is getting affected: 1. Business Financials – Have you noticed that your revenue or profit stayed still? 2. Employment Engagement, Performance and Productivity – Are your employees feeling engaged and feeling motivated? 3. Client’s Activity – Are your clients satisfied? Do they have concerns about anything? Once you find out which area you need to work on you will need to adjust your strategy and put it into action. Some examples that you can focus on when it comes to making an adjustment would be: New Competition New Products (or Services) Economic Changes New Target Market / Buyer Persona Plateaus are not a bad thing depending on how big you want your business to get. If you are currently happy with where you are in you can make these changes to help level out where you are currently in. But if you want to continue to expand, finding out where your business went on pause and thinking of a new strategy will help with your business’ growth.