Once an entrepreneur comes up with their business idea and brings it to life they may think the hard part is over and the customers will come rolling in. Unfortunately that won’t be the case because you will need to focus on your marketing. If you don’t focus on your marketing you are limiting your business’s future success. Here are some things entrepreneurs need to be doing right now with their marketing: 1. Use Social Media – The best thing about social media is that it’s free for anyone to use. Everyone is on social media, once you have identified your buyer’s persona it will be easy to find out which social media platform they are using. 2. Use Email Marketing – Email marketing may seem useless but that is because you may not know how to use it properly. You need to be creative when it comes time to send the email because you are not the only one who is sending one. There are different kinds of emails that you can send to a (potential) customer depending on what they do. Some types of email marketing emails are nurture, onboarding, churn, re-engage and sales engagement. 3. Learn Video Marketing – Depending on the service/product you are selling videos can be a big help to your customers. Some examples of videos you can make are demos, how-to guides and explanation videos. You can also make videos on social media platforms like Snapchat, TikTok and YouTube. 4. Build Genuine Relationship with Your Customers – Building strong customer relationships will help with your customer retention. By having the strong relationship the customer will always come back to your business because of the relationship created. It is easier to keep one customer that you have a genuine relationship then looking for a new ones. If you haven’t thought about what your next steps are when it comes to your marketing, may this be a great help to you. Growing your marketing and your customer’s relationship will help with your business growth and being successful! Creating and bringing your business to life is half of your business journey.