You may think that you have to keep working on your business 24/7 for it to be successful. Society makes us believe that we can be successful when we work long hours and make big sacrifices which shouldn’t be the case. Constantly working overtime with no breaks will cause productivity to go down, making it harder to get work completed. When it comes to feeling stressed or having burn out it depends on how long it lasts. Stressed is more short term and will go away after the stressful event goes away. While being burnout is the opposite and lasts for a longer time period. Continuing with that path will cause you to develop burn out, which is something that should be avoided. There are consequences when it comes to having burnout which includes: 1. Your productivity can drop dramatically 2. Your creativity will be affected 3. Find reasons on wanting to miss or avoid work 4. Your mental and physical health takes a toll Knowing the consequences should help with lowering your work load to avoid burn out. Here are some ways you can avoid burn out when it comes to working: 1. Work with Purpose – Reflect on the reason why you decided to start the business or work at the business besides the money. 2. Create a Job Analysis – Clarify what’s expected and what isn’t within your job. 3. Give to Others – Spend a day giving back to the community or doing a small act of kindness can help you feel better. 4. Learn to Manage Stress – Having short term stress often can be a contributor to burnout. Practicing deep breathing, listening to relaxing music, doing meditation will help when it comes to managing your stress. Your business deserves you to work at 100% capacity because you are helping people get a service and/or product that will bring them value. If you decide to grow your business you are giving people the opportunity to have a job. Working on your business is a great thing to do but you have to figure out when you need to take a break and regather your thoughts when it comes to work.