Habits form without us realizing they can either be good or bad. When starting a business you should try to avoid forming bad habits or else your business will get affected. Having bad habits will take time away from tasks that you are supposed to be focused on. Having bad habits will also prevent your business from growing. If you can think about some habits that have already formed write them down and try to think of how you can turn them into good habits. After creating a list of your bad habits and turning them into good habits you can start putting them into action. Can’t think of any bad habits from the top of your head? Here are some examples of bad habits and the good habits it can be turned into. • Focusing on too Many Things at Once – Make a list of most important tasks and complete them first. After getting them done you can focus on the other tasks. • Micromanaging – Check on things after a certain number of hours. Things take time to grow, have patience. • Never Taking Time Off – Spend five or six days working but then spend your day(s) off thinking about non-related work stuff. Once you are back to doing your work you will be refreshed and ready for the week. • Checking Your Emails Often – Check on your emails once or twice a day. Checking your email often will prevent you from getting you work done. Addressing your bad habits head on will help you see how nonproductive you are when you are working. By changing the bad habits and forming them into good ones you will be able to increase your productivity and help take your business to the next level. Don’t let those bad habits continue to bring down your business’ success.