As a small business owner, you may be thinking of ways how to market your business without spending a ton of money and reach your specific target market. There is one marketing method that will help with that problem and it’s called Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM for short. Here are some benefits of using EDDM as a marketing tool for your small business: 1. You Don’t Need to Purchase a Mailing List – Once you have the EDDM ready to be sent out, you can go to the post office and let them know where exactly you want it to be delivered too. The next and final step would be that the carrier will deliver them to that route and those who live there will get mail. 2. Promote Your Business in Your Local Community – If you are opening a new business, mailing out EDDM to your local community people will get the chance to know about your business and share it with others. 3. Cost-Effective Method to Advertise For Small Businesses – According to the USPS, the EDDM Retail Flats are currently $0.192 a piece when it comes time to get shipped out. 4. You Can Make it How You Want It to Look Like – The only thing that you will need to do is to have the correct sizing. But you have the freedom to make the mail how you want it to look like. Think this marketing method will work out in your favor? Already have an idea on what you want your EDDM to look like? Here at Advertise It we can help you bring your EDDM to life. Click the link down below to get your free quote today!